Course Description

Looking to write a novel but don't know where to start? Then 'Write That Book! A Novel Writing Overview' is for you.

Created to save new authors years of trial and error, it provides an orientation to the novel writing journey, a broad map for getting a novel written, and tips to consider in marketing the finished product.

It's the perfect first step towards finishing that dream novel you've been planning to write.

And if you want practical help to write your novel, that's available too.

So if you've been dreaming rather than doing, or not getting far with your novel, Darcy is here to help!

Author and Coach

Darcy Delany

Stop hiding your voice!Bust the negative beliefs that stop you from expressing yourself, and:- speak your truth- follow that dream, or- get your work out to the world.Find Your Voice is taught by Darcy Delany, Australian author and coach. Darcy's experience as an author and capacity builder combine in this unique course, developed by Darcy after years of coaching people to become their true selves.You can find out more about Darcy and her work at www.storieswithsass.comTestimonials"Darcy Delany (one of the most freakishly organised and productive people ever), can help you on your journey with advice that will save you time and support to produce your best work." K. S. Australia "As a writer you are going to spend a lot of time alone with a blank piece of paper hoping for inspiration. And when you finally do get things down on paper you are going to spend a lot of time worrying if it is any good. One of the best things you can invest in is a cheer squad. Darcy Delany knows how hard it is to stay motivated and to trust your creative voice. She will work with you to keep the spark alight and cheer you on to your best work." R.W. Australia

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Write that book_intro

  • 2

    The Writing Process Timeline

    • The Writing Process Timeline- Summary

    • The Writing Process Timeline - Summary

  • 3


    • Genre- Video

    • Genre- Summary

  • 4


    • Structure- Video

    • Structure- Summary

  • 5

    Goal Motivation Conflict

    • Goal Motivation and Conflict- Video

    • Goal Motivation Conflict- Summary

  • 6


    • Characters - Video

    • Characters - Summary

  • 7

    Common Mistakes

    • Common Mistakes - Video

    • Common Mistakes - Summary

  • 8


    • Editing - Video

    • Editing - Summary

  • 9

    Marketing and Promotion

    • Marketing and Promotion - Video

    • Marketing and Promotion - Summary

  • 10

    Wrap Up

    • Wrap Up